Letters to The Editor

Letters to THE EDITOR


Curtailing NEC

The recent actions of the Centre in curtailing the role of the North-East Council (NEC) is quite appalling. Though the Home Minister is nominated to chair the NEC meetings, the ground reality is that the wings of NEC have been clipped substantially. The NEC was especially created because of the special needs and realities of the North East India. But the fact remains that the Centre continues to pay lip service to the requirements and development of the region.

It is even more appalling to find that Sarbananda Sonowal, the Chief Minister of the largest State in this ensemble, maintaining stoic silence in this regard, and thus paying obeisance to the powers that be in Delhi, rather than look at the needs of the people who elected him to the chair.
While this part of the country was always crying foul for the supposedly step-motherly treatment, this seems to be more pronounced in the recent times. The elected representatives of the region seems to have failed the people of this region.

A Bhuyan,

Mud slinging

The time for the general election is less than a year. The two biggest political parties of the country have already started their favourite game called mudslinging as can be witnessed in electronic and social media.
The data narrated by both the parties in support of their reasons are simply absurd. Their ploy to hoodwink the gullible electorates is an old tactic. The voters should use their conscience rather than emotion while electing their representatives. The electorates are the ultimate arbiter in the election season. A vote cast with conscience will go a long way in securing the future of the country.
The blame game or mudslinging should be at best left alone.

Lanu Dutta Chowdhury,
GNB Road Guwahati.

Rainfall problems: plan for stern action

Every year incessant rains in Mumbai paralyses normal life of Mumbaikars because of waterlogging problem all over the city. Many other cities also suffer from the rainwater drainage problem while potholes appear on roads during rains. Just because no stern action is taken against any errant official these issues continue to nag the citizens year after year. For instance, heavy penalty in the form of salary cuts can be one way out. Then only aam aadmi will get relief from their day-to-day problems. Besides, it would also bring about some semblance of discipline in the offices that deal with public affairs.

Furthermore, during monsoons while there are floods in some parts of India on the other hand there is not adequate rainfall in some other parts of the country. And with pollution at its highest level, the weather including rainfall is unpredictable. Ground water may be zero in 2020. Accordingly, the government must make plans to deal with such an emergency. Though there is water shortage all over the world, enough planning for water reservoirs must be done for agricultural purposes. Rain or flood water must be preserved to be used and reused. Scientists must work to preserve rainwater.

M Kumar,
B-49, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi-110 049.