Letters to The EDITOR



NRC update and the odds

A section of people is raising hullaballoo alleging that innocent Indian citizens are harassed in the name of NRC update. We know that the entire process of update and compilation of a flawless NRC is statutory. We are happy that the Supreme Court of India is constantly monitoring the process. Whenever the apex court finds slackness or anomalies in the process, it makes NRC co-coordinator Prateek Hazela accountable. But it pains us to note that some inauspicious powers are up to derail the process of compilation. We wholeheartedly want that a flawless NRC bereft of any foreigner should see the light of day where all the legitimate citizens, irrespective of Hindu or Muslim, are incorporated. We have seen, the Bengali Yuva Federation ventilate their grievances in Dispur Press Club alleging harassment of some of their innocent members. The victims of harassment includes among others, the family members of freedom fighter Late Mahada Nanda Goswami in Morigaon district. No genuine citizen should be left out and harassed. But for Heaven’s sake, there should be no intimidation or arm-twisting. Every act should be peaceful and under no circumstances, the process of compilation should be allowed to dilute.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Unhygienic toilets in schools

The toilets in most of the schools in Guwahati, and in other parts of Assam are very unhygienic, and kept very dirty. Managements and administrations in many schools look the other way when it comes to certain basic facilities that need to be provided by them.

When my school-going child told me about the pathetic condition of toilets in the school, I pointed this out to the school authority. They were very abusive, and then went on to say that they would be forced to take corrective steps against the child if we complained about such ‘trivial issues’. My point is that private schools also charge for such basic facilities. Basic facilities like drinking water, clean toilets, clean classrooms, adequate water supply in toilets, etc are the very essence of any school, government or private. Such facilities do not cost much.

Many students and their guardians are forced to remain silent spectators for the intimidating attitudes of school authorities. The PTM (parent-teacher meet remains mostly a farce as it’s the school authority that lists out what needs to be done by students and guardians.

The Education/Child Welfare Departments, municipalities, district administration, etc should take cognizance of these issues, and sensitize schools to ensure that basic facilities are provided in their schools. At the same time, they provide a forum to bring such issues to focus so that schools take corrective action.

An anonymous parent,
Zoo Road, Guwahati–24.