Letters to The EDITOR: Lynching Condemned


Petty politics

The dastardly act of lynching in Alwar, Rajasthan is yet another example of the public taking law into their hands which is utterly condemnable. Political parties namely the Congress, the Leftists, the TMC, and the Samajwadi Party to mention but a few were very vocal in attacking the NDA government for failing to protect minority people and give them security. In Karbi Anglong district of Assam two youths of Guwahati were lynched over a fake news in social media just one and half months back. However, the above mentioned parties remained silent nor did they resort to any protests over the incident, probably because the victims did not belong to any minority community. Is it not petty politics? Moreover, the stoic silence maintained by the leading news channels of the nation with regards to the Karbi Anglong lynching is questionable too.
Joel Daimary,