Letters to The EDITOR: Mamata’s call for Civil War

Mamata Banerjee
File Photo of Mamata Banerjee

Mamata’s call for Civil War

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s open warning against the Centre is a violation of Article 19 of our Constitution that enunciates ‘freedom of speech and expression’ which is subject to reasonable restriction on the ground of public order, contempt of court, incitement to an offence, sovereignty and integrity of India. She is instigating the people by her speech to civil war and blood bath on NRC in Assam. Apart from being a CM of Bengal, Mamataji may also be considering herself as the CM of Assam and making undesirable interference with the vital problems in Assam. She looks upon the NRC exercise in Assam as a ‘Bengali kheda Andolon’. But the NRC exercise is only against the large scale influx of Bangladeshi people whose number is swelling because of open border. It is a great threat to the security of Assam and our country. It is easier to speak of ‘humanity and humanitarian ground’ but difficult to practise it. Which state in India would tolerate the presence of such huge number of foreigners?
NRC exercise is against the large scale silent invasion of Bangladeshi foreigners; it is neither against any Bengali nor Muslim. These infiltrators are also involved daily in some criminal activities. In some places of Assam where Bangladeshi foreigners dominate, Muslim terrorists also take shelter. Assam is not answerable in any way to the Bangladeshi infiltrators because we have not invited them as our guests and provided them settlement. Successive Governments in Assam and now Mamata Banerjee in Bengal are considering these foreigners as their ‘welcome guests’ as they constitute their ’s vote banks. Mamataji now aims at consolidating her vote banks in her state by fighting against NRC.

Today West Bengal is also becoming a victim of silent invasion of Bangladeshi nationals. CPM and Trinamool Congress are protecting these infiltrators only to consolidate their vote banks; they do not have so much human consideration. They are not at all concerned for the future of their indigenous people. CPM and Trinamool Congress have totally forgotten the communal holocaust the Hindu Bengali people had suffered during the partition of Bengal before Independence. Mamataji may try to forget, but I know from many of my Bengali friends how Muslim goons abducted many helpless Hindu wives from their husbands, many helpless daughters from their parents on their way to India from East Pakistan for shelter. Many Hindu Bengali people in East Pakistan were forced to convert themselves into Muslims. The Muslim infiltrators, whom the Bengal government is liberally allowing into Bengal for the sake of political gain will engulf very soon the whole of Bengal and people will face the consequences; then only Mamataji will realise why the people of Assam are giving importance to NRC. So, Mamataji should not give sermon to us as to what we should do and what we should not. Mamataji should know that government or any political party is not interested in NRC in Assam. People in Assam unlike Bengal who boast of “what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow” have not foreseen the danger of silent Bangladeshi aggression. Even the hill states’ people who are protected from outsiders felt the need for NRC.

Who knows if under the pressure of these Bangladeshi foreigners, our government will one day withdraw the restrictions of entry into these hill states through amendment of our Constitution ?
Paramananda Bora,
Jyoti path, Bhetapara,

Bengal CM’s stand on NRC is totally unacceptable

A recent threatening by Bengal CM on NRC is totally unacceptable. The peace loving Assam won’t fall prey to such political vultures. The Rajya Sabha made a hue and cry over the issue of 4 millions names being left out from NRC final draft. The Bangladeshis entered illegally and took shelter in the name of humanitarianism after partition. The continued influx of Bangladeshi pose a threat to the integrity and security of the NE region. All political parties should join hands on the policy of immigration. Now the next step remains to be implemented. Assam Accord defines the evolution of citizenship statute. The names of infiltrators are be deleted and they are to be deported. The work of fencing the Indo-Bangla border is to be completed on a war footing with barbed wire. Clause 6 of Assam Accord must be implemented to protect, preserve and promote the cultural, social, linguistic identity and heritage of the indigenous communities of Assam.
Kamal Baruah,
Rukminigaon, Guwahati.

Fake parking coupon

It is observed that in the Rukmininagar area of the GS road in Guwahati some boys suddenly come closer while parking vehicles and demand parking fee of Rs10 for cars showing some receipt books without any signature and seal. These books seem to be vague. As such, I would like to request the authority concerned, particularly the Guwahati Municipal Corporation, to look into the matter and to take necessary action in the matter.
Putul Sarma,
Bamgaon, Biswanath Chariali.