Letters to The EDITOR: Non-Performing Members of Parliament (MPs) Must be Dealt in Hard Way


Non-Performing MPs

One cannot help feeling pity for our (Assam) MPs on their poor performances in Parliament. Barring Gaurav Gogoi (Congress) no other MPs from Assam could be seen participating seriously in the debates projecting a true picture of Assam. This happens because many among them lack command in the languages through which normally deliberation in Parliament takes place. Another reason as to why our BJP MPs fare badly in Parliament can be attributed to their loyalty to the BJP High Command. Perhaps they are in the grip of a fear-psychosis that once they say anything in Parliament and if what they speak happens to go against the interest of the party, they would be bound to offer their accountability. This sort of trend smacks a betrayal to the people who send them to the Parliament. These MPs from Assam never study the relevant matters seriously nor do they take recourse to homework. Even Gaurav Gogoi, Congress MP, on occasions, made himself a laughing stock in Parliament. Nevertheless one must praise him for his guts to deliberate. On the contrary, the MPs from Nagaland, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh fare much better than their counterparts of Assam.

Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of State (Home) could deliberate, answer the questions, address press conferences flawlessly. Our only Minister of State (Railways) cuts a sorry figure both in the Parliament and outside. Recently, a Rajya Sabha MP of Nagaland KG Keni raised a pertinent issue on the supply of items to the North East viz., fish, vegetables, fruits that come mixed with dangerous chemical mixtures. People of the North East are destined to suffer from various diseases after taking these contaminated items. Further, he stated, a very strong racket is functioning to mingle food items with deadly chemical mixtures like Formalin, Ethylene, Bodamine-B, Calcium carbide and other synthetic colours which are detrimental to the human body. The Minister must be given due credit for raising this important issue in Parliament.

Ashok Bordoloi,