LKSHA resolves to uphold traditiol customs of Karbis

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Donkamokam, May 10: “The Karbi Recho (King) in the Karbi tribe came into being after the Jaintia King left. From then on the king slowly took control of our land by making Ronghang Rongbong as thecapital,” said Karbi king Harsing Ronghang at the 4th annual meet of the Longri Krehini Sar Habe Amei (LKSHA) on Sunday at Donkamokam. He was the chief guest.

The king said that all problems within the tribe should be solved as per customs and traditions. Kabri Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) Tuliram Ronghang, who was the guest of honour, appealed for peace.

MLA Dr MS Rongpi stressed unity in the tribe while EM MS Timung stressed and urged to uphold the traditiol customary system in the Karbi society.

In the three-day  programme which concluded on Sunday, the Habepinpos, Lindokpos and Matijars resolved to uphold the customary laws of the land, to protect the land from outsiders, to educate the present generation about preservation of traditiol medicines of the hills and to build a hospital of traditiol medicine in Karbi Anglong.

The traditiol leaders also recalled the first gathering called Rong Arak Rong held in 1265 AD in Socheng area, where there were only 56 houses initially.

In the programme chaired by Chandra Sing Tisso (Habepi Habekong), a  25-member committee was elected with Mensing Teron and Hemari Engleng (Longri Asar) as president and general secretary.

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