LNK Desh Deepak creates record

A Correspondent
Tezpur, April 3: LNK Desh Deepak established a record of 55 Knuckle Pushups with one leg raised and carrying 40 pounds weight by beating the current record of 49 Knuckle Pushups set by Jarjees Rashed in UAE in August, 2017.
Earlier, the Armyman had established a mark by doing 51 Knuckle Pushups on January 23 in Asia Book of Records which was followed by yet another improvement wherein, he did 52 Knuckle Pushups in India Book of Records on January 26.
The event held at Barama in Baksa District  witnessed by Local MLA Maneswar Brahma and Brig Gaurav Rishi, SC, SM, the local Formation Commander.  The panel of judges included Pawan Solanki, President of India Book of Records and Surumani Dole.