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‘Main culprit in Asolpara incident yet to be arrested’ says Former minister Dr Kamala Kalita

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Boko: Former minister Dr Kamala Kalita addressed a press meet on Tuesday at Chaygaon regarding the June 7 attack on artistes at Asolpara village under Chayagaon LAC. He condemned the incident and alleged that police had arrested only the secondary culprits of the incident while the main culprit had not been arrested as yet.

Meanwhile, Chaygaon Police arrested Atikul Rahman from Asolpara village on Monday night. His name was mentioned in the FIR lodged by the artistes. Boko Police Station in-charge Jogendra Barman also arrested one Shah Alom from Dekachang village. Later, he was sent to another police station.

On the other hand, Bogai cultural organization president Sumita Rabha, adviser Arjun Chetry, executive members Sangit Boro and Hridai Mahanta addressed a press meet at Boko. In the press meet they alleged that the police had failed to book the actual culprits of the Asolpara incident and they simply arrested Sanjay Choudhary, president of Bengali Youth Federation. Arup Doloi, instructor of the Rainbow and MK Dance group, mentioned in his FIR that Sanjay Choudhary had introduced them to Kuddush Ali from Asolpara village, who was allegedly the main culprit.

The villagers of Asolpara village also protested in front of the Jorsimuli Police outpost on Monday night and demanded to arrest the culprits as soon as possible. On the other hand, Goroimari Youth Congress and All Assam Minorities Students’ Union also protested at Goroimari in Chayagaon on Tuesday.


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