Major Boat Mishap averted at Dowlgobinda, passengers safely rescued

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Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 22: A boat under the banner of SB Geeta Service with registration number 80022 and owned by one Ajanata Das, while on its way from Rajadwar Ghat to Dowlgobinda Ghat faced engine problem after a bamboo got stuck in the engine. While the operator stopped the engine, the boat continued to be in motion with 60 passengers on board. Finally the boat embarked upon a statue of Lord Shiva in middle-water. Fortunately, at that point of time the SDRF team arrived at the spot and rescued all the passengers. Earlier, one person identified as Subrata Dutta jumped into the water while another named Dijen Bhuyan fell from the boat. Both the persons were rescued by the SDRF personnel. Meanwhile, the SDRF in-charge has opined that a huge mishap has been averted.