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Majuli Floods: Severe erosion hits Assam Island as dwellers seek refuge

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Guwahati: Majuli, the river island of Assam is facing severe erosion by the mighty Brahmaputra river as floods hit the region for the second time this year.

More than 84 families of the No 1 Misamora village of Majuli have sought refuge in safer havens as fear of erosion looms large in the area.

The mesmerizing river island of Majuli has to face the wrath of the floods almost every year which creates a havoc in the state and this year too is no different.

The Brahmaputra Board which holds the responsibility of the conservation of the river island has sanctioned Rs 237 crores, but no consolidated steps for curbing the menace of erosion have been taken so far.

As such, residents of the island are forced to live at the mercy of Nature.