‘Mamata Should Lead in Compiling NRC for Whole of India’- The Patriotic People’s Front, Assam



GUWAHATI: Urging West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banergee to maintain due honour to the Supreme Court of India, the Patriotic People’s Front, Assam (PPFA) argued that she should take the lead in compiling a comprehensive NRC (as many Kolkata based politicians are demanding now) for the whole country with the basis of 1951 and in need she may ask for necessary expertise from Assam, as the State has successfully completed the final draft of NRC under the guidance of the apex court.

Expressing annoyances over the disorderly statements made by Banergee against the process of citizens’ scanning under the direction of SC, PPFA at the same time urged everyone to exercise restrain while commenting over the NRC updation in Assam. In a release, the PPFA further said, “Despite provocation, the inhabitants of Assam have shown utmost sensitivity and maturity.”