Man with two electoral photo identity cards arrested

NRC document verification

LAKHIMPUR, April 25: At a time when doubtful citizens have adopted unfair means to enrol their names in the updated NRC, a man having two electoral photo identity cards (EPIC) was arrested in Lakhimpur on Tuesday. The man was identified as Sahid Ansari of Harmutty in Lakhimpur district. This came to light on the day of verification of NRC documents in the office campus of the Inspector of Schools. As per report from ADC Ashraful Amin, the District Magistrate Investigation Officer of NRC in the district, Sahid Ansari had two electoral photo identity cards under two different names and the name of his father was also different in both cards. One was issued as Sahid Ansari, son of Amazad Ansari, with Gopinagar of North Lakhimpur town as the address of the elector. The name is enrolled in the electoral roll under the Lakhimpur Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC).
The other card was also issued to the same person under the name Safiq Ansari, son of Javi Ansari, mentioning Harmutty as the address. This name is enrolled in the electoral roll under the Nowboicha LAC. Significantly, the man submitted two applications in a bid to enrol his name in the NRC. He used the legacy data of Javi Ansari as his father for the purpose.
The man was on Tuesday called to appear before the verification officer to verify his legacy, family tree and to provide supporting documents. He produced these two electoral photo identity cards to establish his relationship with his father bearing the legacy. “When Sahid Ansari was asked his father’s name, he said it was Ismail Ansari,” the Investigating Officer told The Sentinel. Not satisfied with the statements of the man, he later lodged an FIR against him at North Lakhimpur Police Station vide case No. 416/2018/US-468/447. Police arrested Sahid Ansari on the basis of the FIR.