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Manipur Government likely to Ban 15 years Old Vehicles for Posing Severe Health Hazard

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Imphal: Based on a report by the Manipur Pollution Control Board, the Government is likely to ban the auto-rickshaws and other vehicles which are 15 years old or more, these vehicles are reportedly posing severe health hazards in the region.

L Radhakishore, the Chairman of the Manipur Pollution Control Board on Wednesday said that the matter has been taken up and will be discussed in the next cabinet meeting.

“There is an immediate need to ban such vehicles on grounds of health hazard,” he added.

It may be mentioned that according to Radhakishore, more than 70 percent of the diesel-run auto-rickshaws were unfit to operate. “These vehicles need to be disposed of as soon as possible,” Radhakishore added further.

He continued saying that there is an immediate need to control the noise pollution in major towns including the capital city of ManipurImphal’.

Speaking to the media, few of the officials stated that since last few decades Manipur has been the dumping ground for used cars and other vehicles which are not being in any use in any city in the nation, including Delhi.

There is a sudden increase in the number of vehicles in Manipur.

Also, the sale of second-hand cars in the region are on the rise as well, such cars are available as cheap as Rs 1,00,000, alleged one of the officials.