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Man’s original heart starts functioning after 18 months, Doctor says ‘It is a miracle’

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Miracles do happen and proving that once again a 52-year-old man got his life back when his heart resumed working after a long gap of almost 18 months. The man had gone through an artificial heart implant procedure on having a cardiac failure.

The man, Iraqi businessman Hani Jawad Mohammed, so long, had been put on the artificial heart by the doctors and as soon as his original heart resumed functioning, the doctors switched off the artificial heart. The miracle is that it worked and the man is alive now using his original heart.

Mohammed, reportedly, had suffered from heart failure and as his original heart stopped working, an artificial heart was being implanted. Chairman and Head of CTVS, BLK Heart Centre Dr Ajay Kaul said, “The patient had visited us in a critically ill state a year-and-half ago with a failing heart and rapidly deteriorating health. He was given an option of a heart transplant or artificial heart implant. Due to the acute shortage of donor and his serious condition, artificial heart implant was the only alternative we had.”

After putting the artificial heart in Mohammad, he was being kept under constant check up and monitoring. On the other hand, the organic heart of the patient was put on medication and rest. However, after a gap of three months, it was seen that the original heart had started functioning properly.

The original heart was then regularly monitored by a team of doctors while they also slowed down the artificial implant. The same process was repeated three to four times in over two months and finally, they realized that the original heart has recovered.

Dr. Kaul further added, “Generally the original heart may show recovery of 10-15 per cent but his heart functioning was way better. It is a medical miracle.”

Now, Mohammad’s heart is beating normally as it had before without any complications and this certainly is not less than a miracle.

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