Many parts of the Dibrugarh town reels under flash floods due to a long a spell of downpour

flash floods
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A Correspondent

Dibrugarh: Many parts of the town were reeling under flash floods on Tuesday after a spell of downpour that continued for a long time. The stretch from Bagchipara to Hotel Monalisa on the Mancotta Road, stretches of the Chowkidinghee main road, several parts of the RKB Path and Thancharali and portions of Graham Bazar, among others, were seen to be inundated in varying levels. Moreover, people living in the Santipara area had a harrowing time in the morning hours as most of the lanes in the area were flooded due to the overnight deluge, which also affected the upper reaches of Arunachal Pradesh along with other parts of Assam.

The fact that many drains in the town were blocked either due to the ongoing construction work or deposition of filth and garbage in them made matters worse, as things would not have been so grim had the drains been functioning normally. In the past, although the drains were cleaned of the filth, many a time, the workers left the heaps of filth next to the drains itself instead of carrying them away. As a result, over a period of time the excavated filth found a place back again in the drains, thus moving things back to square one.

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