Margherita Jourlist’s Association seeks clarification

From a Correspondent

MARGHERITA, Feb 6: Margherita Jourlist’s Association president Ram Prasad Ambedkar and general secretary Ra Jyoti Neog have asked clarification from Margherita BJP Sadar Mandal Committee and Block Mandal Committee for inviting only five jourlists of Margherita at a press meet held recently where Badreswar Moran, president of Margherita BJP Sadar Mandal Committee and Bhabesh Dutta, president of  Margherita BJP Block Mandal Committee said that Bhaskar Sharma, Margherita MLA, members and leaders of Margherita BJP were not involved in the illegal coal trade in Margherita region. Ra Jyoti Neog said there were many jourlists in Margherita but only five jourlists were invited to the press meet. He said that if the president of Margherita BJP Sadar Mandal Committee and the president of Block Mandal Committee do not make their stand clear then Margherita Jourlist’s Association will boycott press meets, news and other activities of Margherita BJP Sadar Mandal and Block Mandal Committee.