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Mawhati MDC urges for special KHADC session

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SHILLONG, May 3: Mawhati MDC James Sylliang on Thursday has said that from next week he will start his signature campaign, in support of holding special session of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to discuss the utilization of Rs 28 crore that has been allotted by the Central government to the council.
Sylliang is a member of the newly floated People Democratic Front (PDF) led by KHADC CEM PN Syiem.
 However, Sylliang, an Executive Member (EM) in the Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA), was recently dropped from the EC by the CEM.
Speaking to reporters, Sylliang said, “The fund of  Rs 28 crore should have been allotted to the MDCs to cater to the needs of the people for the development of the constituencies. However, this fund has been diverted towards the council assets by PN Syiem without discussing it with anyone.”
He alleged that the CEM had bulldozed the authority of the EM.
He further said: “It is ironic that HSPDP MDC Teilinia Thangkhiew who had moved a No Confidence (NC) motion against the CEM would now accept the post of the deputy CEM of the council.”
“It’s also interesting that UDP MDC Don Sumer, who also raised question to Syiem concerning Rs 28 crore fund along with the other MDCs, would now accept the position of EM in the EC that was offered to him by Syiem,” he said.
When asked if his actions amounts to anti-party activity, the Mawhati MDC further said the KHADC CEM is not the leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Front (PDF).

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