Mawsynram resident flays Syiem for fund misuse


SHILLONG, Feb 2: A resident of Mawsynram village, Banshai Marbaniang cum President FKJGP Mawsynram Circle has alleged MLA Mawsynram Constituency cum KHADC CEM PN Syiem of misusing various MLA Schemes under Mawsynram constituency.

Marbaniang made the allegations based on the RTI findings he had filed at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, EKHD on July 2016.

Addressing reporters here on Thursday, Marbanig informed that the total expenditure made for six different schemes does not at all match the developmental works in this constituency which clearly indicates that PN Syiem had secretly misused all the developmental funds from the various MLA schemes under the Mawsynram constituency ranging from the Chief Minister Special Rural Development Fund (CMSRDF), Construction of Rural Road Programme (CRRP), Intensive Arts & cultural Development Programme (IACD), Intensive Sport & Youth Development Programme (ISYDP),  Special Rural Work Programme (SRRW) , DTFM schemes beside others.

According to him, the RTI findings also shows that a total expenditure of Rs 8 crores had been made right from the fincial year of 2008-2009 upto the fincial year 2014-2015 combining the various MLA schemes in Mawsyram constituency but the developmental works here show otherwise or nothing at all.

“If this outstanding amount had rightly been used in this constituency Mawsyram could have developed immensely,” Marbaniang said adding that as concern voter he is filled with anguished after learning that the MLA has misused many schemes in his constituency.