Measures to Prevent Outbreak of Vector-Borne Diseases in Tezpur Tea Estates Discussed

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Tezpur, July 29: With an aim to control vector-borne diseases like Japanese Encephalitis and dengue by creating awareness and initiating preventing action, a meeting was held recently at Tezpur in the presence of 60 doctors and medical officers from different tea estates in Sonitpur district. Dr Pradip Kumar Lahkar, special member of Medical Advisory Board of plantation workers, presided over the meeting. It was attended by Dr SP Bordoloi, Chief Medical and Health Officer of Communicable Disease, Sonitpur, Kakali Dutta, District Malaria Officer, Tezpur, and Director of Baptist Mission Hospital, Tezpur, among others.

Attending the meeting, Dr SP Bordoloi discussed precautionary measures to be taken in the tea estates during the outbreak of vector-borne diseases like Japanese Encephalitis, dengue and malaria. In the meeting, Dr PK Lakhar explained in details about the present status of incidence of vector-borne disease in the district. Lahkar also directed all the welfare officers to organize mass awareness meetings on July 30 in all the tea estates of Sonitpur district. He also suggested all the Medical Officers to inform the District Health Department immediately if they find any suspected case of Japanese Encephalitis or dengue.