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Exclusive Image of the Cache of Arms and Ammunition Recovered by Police
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Meghalaya Arms Haul: Huge Cache of Arms and Ammunition recovered in East Garo Hills

A huge cache of arms and ammunition has been recovered today in the morning by police officials of East Garo Hills in Meghalaya.

On the basis of leads provided by the villagers of Bawegre and Dorengkigre area, the police were able to recover several weapons. The weapons recovered include : three hundred forty seven HMG RDS, two AK Rifle bodies, one AK 56 Rifle without magazine, four pistols,six pistol magazines, six shotgun cartridges, fifty two 7.65 mm rifle ends, one Chinese Grenade, fifty seven 7.62 SLR rounds, sixty three GNLA Seals, four IED remotes, one walkie-talkie, nine remote IED circuits, twenty eight electronic detonators, seven bullet charger clips, five UGBL cells, one helmet, two SBBL shotguns, four hundred eighty five AK 47 bullets, one hundred and four rounds of .303 rifle, 2659 rounds of 7.7 mm rifle, four pieces of HMG stand.

The move by villagers in helping the police officials is a consolidating step towards people’s involvement in fighting against terror. More and more people are helping the police to recover hidden weapons, which can pose a threat to the safety and security of the state if they fall in the wrong hands.