Men’s hand grip strength predicts marriage prospects, mortality risk

New York, April 27: Women are more likely to accept marriage proposals from men with a stronger hand grip — an established measure of health — than those with weaker grips, finds a study. Grip strength has been linked to one’s ability to cope independently and predicts the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as mortality. “Our results hint that women may be favouring partners who signal strength and vigour when they marry,” said Vegard Skirbekk, Professor at the Columbia University in New York City, US. “If longer-lived women marry healthier men, then both may avoid or defer the role of caregiver, while less healthy men remain unmarried and must look elsewhere for assistance,” Skirbekk added. Grip strength is particularly important for older adults and has implications for a host of health risks — for heart disease and fractures, physical mobility, the capacity to be socially active and healthy and to enjoy a good quality of life. At the same time, marriage confers many of these same benefits, the researchers said. (IANS)