Middle East cartoonists show anger over Trump’s visa ban

Lahore, Feb 1: US President Dold Trump as a dinosaur with a concrete wall for a tail, of Trump as a member of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan with the slogan “The Un-Islamic State of America” — are among the cartoons posted by Middle East artists on social media in protest against the US administration’s visa ban on seven Muslim major countries. Expressing their anger against Trump’s visa ban on Muslim countries, many artists depicted him as a leader who discrimites against people on racial and regiol basis, Dunya News reported on Wednesday.

The artists in their cartoons suggested that Trump was exploiting the people having Islamic beliefs.

A toon tweeted by “Emad Hajjaj Cartoons” depicts Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as driving a tank towards the disputed Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem towing the US embassy in Tel Aviv with Trump sitting atop it, and controlling the start-and stop-lever — in a reference to the controversial proposal to shift the US embassy to Jerusalem.

“They tweeted political cartoons showing links between Trump and freemasonry, not to mention his unpopular urge to form wall between the United States and Mexico,” it said, adding that the cartoonists left no stone unturned to “displease the American President.” Another cartoon shows Trump, with his blonde mane shaped like a gun – pointing at the world. (IANS)