Minister lays stress on cal construction

Staff Correspondent
Shillong, April 5: Meghalaya Water Resources Minister Metbah Lyngdoh on Thursday informed the House that the State government would construct cals for supplying of water to paddy fields only if the area was technically found feasible and economically viable. Meanwhile, senior Opposition leader from the Congress Charles Pyngrope urged the State government to build the cals irrespective of its economic viability. According to Pyngrope, Meghalaya is primarily an agrarian society and a majority of its people is farmers and therefore it is the duty of the government to promote agriculture.   
Lyngdoh also said that various flood protection schemes to control flood from river Jinjiram have been prepared which are awaiting sanctions. The plain areas of Garo Hills are flooded every year due to the overflow of water from Jinjiram river.
“As preventive measures, the government has initiated some schemes to control the flood of Jinjiram river to protect the plain belt areas of Garo hills,” the Water Resources Minister said.
Meanwhile, Congress MLA from Rajabala Dr Azad Zaman wanted a permanent solution to the problems of annually flood due to the overflowing of the river.