Misappropriation of fund alleged

LAKHIMPUR, May 22: “Funds meant for the development and welfare of Scheduled Castes have been defalcated and misappropriated in the Directorate of Scheduled Caste Welfare.” This serious allegation was made by the central committee of Assam Anusuchito Jati Yuva Chatra Santha (AAJYCS). Nripen Das, the president of the organization, and its secretary Nityananda Das became vocal against the alleged corruption which affected the SC people, thereby depriving them of welfare funds. Further, they demanded the Chief Minister to initiate steps to launch an impartial and strong enquiry into the misappropriation of the funds.

“The government has adopted various schemes for the development and welfare of the SC people. But most of the SC people are quite ignorant of the schemes and have not been benefitted by these schemes. On the contrary, a section officers and employees of the Directorate of Scheduled Caste Welfare, along with some contractors and non-governmental organizations (NGO)s are exploiting the materialistic benefits of these schemes. The schemes are confined to a particular circle. Though our organization has made frequent complaints regarding these issues, minister concerned has not paid adequate heed to these complaints,” alleged the president and secretary.

In support of their allegation, the leaders of the organization stated that a fund of more than Rs 20 crore in 2010-11 and 2011-12 was sanctioned to the Directorate in order to grant various vehicles with subsidy to the unemployed SC youths with a view to minimize the unemployment problem. The share of the subsidy of the scheme was already paid to Himmatsingha and some other companies. Subsequently, Himmatsingha collected 25 per cent share of the beneficiaries too. But these beneficiaries did not receive these vehicles from the companies.

Further, the duo alleged that massive corruption took place with regard to a fund meant for making the SC people aware of the various schemes taken up by the Directorate during the 2016-17 financial year. “The Directorate has initiated steps to grant Rs. 2,00,000 to 20 NGOs each to organize awareness programmes. The relatives of the employees of the Directorate and officers are selecting the NGOs and hatching a plan to pocket the fund money,” they added.