Mixed reaction to proposal to promote heritage beverages

From a Correspondent

Joysagar, Feb 3:  The State Government has proposed to promote heritage beverages in the State and for this, while the State Excise Department is taking necessary steps, there is mixed among the common people and social organizations.

 Earlier, the State Excise Department and State Government proposed to take modern and commercial initiatives to promote the commercial sale of country-made rice beer and beverages. Socially conscious citizens and many leaders of social organizations on Friday said that the consumption rate of wine, rice beer and various types of spirit in Assam was very high. Road accidents due to drunken driving occur frequently and many innocent people lose their lives.

“When many other States have already banned liquor, why cannot the Assam Government run the State without the revenue which comes or will come from such a harmful trade?” conscious citizens said.

Many leaders from various organizations said that they would stage democratic protest against the State Excise Department and State Government if they tried to implement this proposal by ignoring the greater interest of society.