MLCU students perform 'flash mob'

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Shillong, April 6: The ever busy and bustling Khyndailad today took a  breather and enjoyed some great dance moves when the students of Martin  Luther Christian University (MLCU) took to the streets to perform a surprise  “flash mob” and started dancing to the famous and popular tune, “Happy”  by Pharrell Williams.

This Flash Mob Dance with its theme of, “Be Happy Always”, is part of  the iuguration of the University Week- 2015 , “Aurora-15”, and  students from all the different departments performed in the dance.

The Vice Chancellor Robert G Lyngdoh began the dance with two other  students and were later joined by other students. The crowd gathered  round the dancers to get a closer look and was really surprised with  the dance.

This marked the beginning of a week-long celebration as part of the  University Week, including fete, Lan Gaming, Collage Making, Karaoke  and other fun filled events to relax the minds of the students amidst  their studies. The closing ceremony of the Varsity Week will be held on  April 11.

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