‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to address farmers’ concerns’

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Chandigarh, July 11: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Wednesday said he was “disappointed” over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “failure” to address any of the major concerns of the farmers at his Malout rally earlier in the day. “The distressed farmers who had gathered to hear Modi found no succour for their problems in his long speech, which was high on fluff and short of substance,” Amarinder Singh said in a statement here. The Chief Minister said he was shocked over the fact that the Prime Minister failed to even mention the farmer suicides and debts or even the Swaminathan committee’s report.

Amarinder Singh, who heads the Congress government in agrarian Punjab, said the rally turned out to be a “sorry spectacle for the farmers who had braved sweltering heat in the hope of some concrete announcements from the Prime Minister”. “Instead, Modi’s speech turned out to be an insipid affair, focused on tom-tomming of his government’s four-year rule, which has been a complete failure on all counts,” Amarinder Singh said.

The Chief Minister said it was unfortunate that Modi had let go of a major opportunity to address the serious concerns of the farming community. “In his zeal to criticize the Congress, Modi conveniently forgot that it was my party (Congress) that was responsible for ushering in the Green Revolution and thus ensuring the country’s food security. (IANS)