Modi is a peddler of lies, must apologise to nation: Congress

New Delhi, July 15: Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “peddler of untruths”, Congress on Sunday demanded an apology from him for calling it a “Muslim party”. It also challenged Modi to discuss his accusations against the Congress in Parliament during the Monsoon Session beginning this week. “Congress does not need certification of nationalism from somebody who are the descendants of not only non-participants of the freedom movement but also active collaborators of British,” said senior Congress leader Anand Sharma.

Noting the Prime Minister is for “entire India and not only BJP”, he said: “Congress has led nationalist movements and struggle for freedom. Calling the party a ‘Muslim party’ is not befitting of a PM. He has less knowledge of history. He writes his own history. “With his statements, the PM not only disrespects history but also undermines the achievements of India. This sick mindset of his is an issue of national concern. He should apologise to the nation for making false statements and lying.”

The Congress also appealed to Modi not to disrupt to the monsoon session of Parliament like the government did in the last session, but instead give “accounts of the promises he made in 2014”. “He doesn’t have courage to have debates in Parliament and talk about his work. Be it on his promises on employment, MSP for farmers..all have been broken.” “For him to say Congress is obstructing to enact a law in Parliament, is absolutely wrong. We are totally against triple talaq. But, when a bill comes in the parliament, there are some rules… Traditionally, the Standing Committee scrutinises it and only after that it is discussed and a law is enacted,” he said, accusing the BJP of trying “their best to bypass the parliament so that there is no scrutiny. (IANS)