Modi mocks Rahul, Akhilesh over UP alliance

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), Feb 10: Prime Minister rendra Modi on Friday ridiculed the Uttar Pradesh’s ruling Samajwadi Party for aligning with the Congress and assailed the Akhilesh Yadav government over a host issues including law and order. Addressing a campaign rally here, Modi, without taking mes, mocked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for being the “most joked about politician”. “There is this Congress leader known for his childish acts. If you google, you will see the number of jokes on him. No other leader is the target of as many jokes as this Congress leader,” said Modi, a day before the start of staggered Uttar Pradesh polls. “Because of his acts, even senior Congress leaders prefer to maintain distance from him. But Akhilesh, you embraced him. Now I sincerely doubt your wisdom,” said Modi, denouncing the Congress and the Samajwadi party for “dysty politics”. He said the alliance was between two families famous for “looting”. “One (Congress) looted the country and the other (Samajwadi Party) looted Uttar Pradesh. “Having realised that lotus (BJP election symbol) will be blooming everywhere in UP, the Congress and the Samajwadi Party, which have been fighting each other until a month back, are now cosying up to each other. Such is their desperation,” he said.

Assailing the Akhilesh government over law and order situation, particularly women’s security, Modi urged people to oust an administration he said was not sensitive to their needs. Modi also charged the Samajwadi Party with protecting and promoting the corrupt and crimils and claimed the state’s resources were being plundered and illegal mining was unchecked. He accused Akhilesh Yadav of abusing power to stifle the opposition. “Besides abusing government power to implicate BJP workers, the Samajwadi Party has unleashed its men to ensure that the opposition’s voice is stifled. (IANS)