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Modi, Shah, Bhagwat will know India’s ‘strength’ of unity soon: Rahul

New Delhi, June 11: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday said the entire opposition was getting united and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will get to know India’s “strength” in six months to one year — an apparent reference to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “Today, our nation has become a slave of 2-3 BJP leaders and RSS. But, it is a matter of happiness and it is happening and no one can stop it that the entire opposition is united… be it the Congress party or Janata Dal…the entire opposition is coming together… “Be it in 6-7 months or a year…Modiji, Amit Shahji and Mohan Bhagwatji will get to witness India’s strength. They will understand that India can’t be run by three people. Only the country’s people and youth can run it,” said Gandhi while addressing the national convention of the Congress’ OBC department.

Gandhi was referring to the 2019 general elections ahead of which the opposition is aiming for an anti-BJP alliance. The Congress President said a fear psychosis was forcing people into silence, alleged that some BJP MPs had told him how they were scared to speak up and share their opinions in Parliament or in assemblies and even in party meetings. “BJP’s OBC MPs came and told me that they are not allowed to speak or voice their opinion. They are afraid to speak in Parliament. The BJP doesn’t listen to them, they only listen to the RSS. Not just them, all the MPs are afraid to speak.”

Gandhi said the RSS was a force working to divide the people and it wants to drive a wedge in the OBC community. He said the workers and labourers in the country were rarely being rewarded for the work they do like “you would never see a farmer at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office”. People who really work hard, he said, were confined to the back room and the profit of their labour was enjoyed by someone else. He said while farmers, Dalits, adivasis, OBCs and the poor were suffering the Modi government’s apathy, the Prime Minister gave Rs 2.5 lakh crore to industrialists. “Why are the banks not open to our farmers and small businesses? There is no dearth of skills amongst OBC communities, but they lack capital. “The Prime Minister says there is a lack of skill here. That’s a lie. There is no shortage of skills in the OBC category. They are very talented and skillful.” (IANS)