Modi-Xi ‘no baggage’ talks hailed by Chinese media

 Wuhan (China), April 28: The “heart-to-heart” communication between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping during their two-day informal summit here reflected their deepened mutual history and charted the course of long-term bilateral development, according to a leading Chinese newspaper.

The China Daily in an opinion piece said: “The beauty of the informal summit between Xi and Modi is that it comes with no baggage, only expectations. It is free of the usual diplomatic frills, somewhat beyond the global media limelight. “As expected, the ‘heart-to-heart’ communication between the two leaders reflected their deepened mutual chemistry. Which, in turn, will be conducive to improving mutual trust between the neighbours and charting the course of long-term bilateral development.” India and China share a tense relationship owing to their 1962 war. Their ties touched a new low last year when their militaries were locked in a face-off near their disputed boundary. The crisis was resolved in August. The daily said that “mutual suspicion was keeping the two countries from deepening cooperation and working together on regional and international issues”. “The border incident last summer was just one example of what mutual suspicion could lead to, reminding both sides of the disruptive potential of distrust. Yet neither Beijing nor New Delhi calls the other an enemy, which means both expect bilateral ties to improve,” it said. (IANS)