Momos make our evenings!

Guwahati: “Do you know how to make momos?” is the first question that anyone who is not from the Northeast asks a Northeastern. “Of course not,” is what most of us reply. Although momos have very little to do with the Northeastern cuisine, deep down our souls, we all love to gorge on momos. And to add to that, momos are cheap and yum.
The word, momo itself makes us salivate. It is found everywhere, in and around the Northeast, called by different names and also, it tastes different everywhere. However, a whole new type of momos has arrived in the streets like tandoori momos, chocolate momos, paneer momos, vodka momos, and so on. But nothing can beat the good old little pockets of chicken or pork which melts inside your mouth. And none of us can stop at just one!