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Monkey mece takes centre-stage in Assembly


GUWAHATI, Feb 1:  The issue of monkey mece took centre stage at Assam Assembly on Wednesday when a section of legislators made comments on the primate problem of the state. Tuesday was the second day of the Budget Session of Assam Legislative Assembly.  

The issue took centre-stage when AGP legislator Pradip Hazarika raised the issue in the House.

Explaining the gravity of the situation, MLA Hazarika wanted the government to come out with a concrete solution to contain the monkey mece.

Hazarika said that unlike wild elephants, monkeys are also poising a serious threat to people.

“Thousands of hectares of paddy field have been damaged by marauding monkeys. The animals destroy property, steal food and attack humans. The situation has reached such a stage that even monkey now take away food stuff from kitchen,” Hazarika said.

Hazarkia underscored the need of launching a sterilization programme by the government so that the number of monkey is declined.

Replying to a question by MLA Hazarika, Agriculture minister Atul Bora informed that  a total of 18,6,41.50 hectares of paddy field have been damaged by monkeys and wild elephants.

Minister Bora said that the government has taken the matter seriously.

“We will take up the issue with state Forest department and see if sterilization of monkeys can be done or not. We will discuss the issue with Agriculture University as well,” said the Agriculture minister.

Hazarika, however, was not satisfied with the Agriculture minister’s reply.

He said that those who are experiencing the problem can feel its gravity.

Commenting on the issue, Assembly Speaker Hitendra th Goswami asked the Agriculture minister to take the matter seriously.

He suggested the minister to consult with Assam Agriculture University in this regard, which carried out a research on the monkey mece.