‘More counsellors needed to confront autism’

A Reporter
SHILLONG, April 2: With an aim to cater to the needs of autistic children at Sanker, a mental health facility, the Director of the facility Dr Sandy Syiem on Monday said that there is a need for more counsellors and trained professiols at the facility. Speaking to reporters after a here in connection with observance of ‘World Autism Awareness Day-2018’, Syiem said, “We need more teachers. When it comes to autism, this cannot be cured through medicines, but through teaching the children in a special way. We need counselors, trained professiols so that they can impart the teaching to such children. The Director pointed out that in India there are still very less number of mental health professiols.
On autistic children in the state, Syiem stated that the prevalence of autism in children around the world is 1 in 60, whereas in India, it is 1 in 100.
When asked on signs and symptoms related to autism, Syiem pointed out that most autistic children cannot speak and have less or no eye contact whatsoever.
It may be noted that Sanker is currently catering to the needs of 25 autistic patients.