‘Most of the roads will be black topped within this year’

Donkamukam/Hamren, May 6: Donkamukam/Hamren, May 6: Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang said on Sunday at Tumpreng that most of the roads in the districts would be black topped within this year. “People have criticized the present council for bad roads and this time priority has been given to the improvement of roads,” he said. He urged people to cooperate in order to ensure quality construction work and asked contractors to complete all schemes on time.
Earlier, Ronghang inaugurated the CC pavement road at Pator Arong to Langsudo near Donkamukam and laid the the foundation stone for improvement of road from Saruborthol Doloni to Hanlokrok M& BT with a sanctioned amount of Rs 4 crore under AAP 2017-18 of PWD.
Also, at Langhan Tisso Arong he distributed medicated mosquito nets to selected BPL families. Being the local MAC of Bithung Rengthama constituency, Tuliram Ronghang inaugurated the PMAY-G houses in various places accompanied by Ramson Rongpi, VDC chairman Bithung and other dignitaries.