Mouthwatering delicacies from Assam to tickle your taste buds

An Assamese Traditional Thali

Assam is a mélange of various communities and cultures. The dishes prepared by them have a unique recipe and taste. They are simple yet lip-smacking. Almost all the Assamese people use fresh ingredients cooked in mustard oil to intensify the taste.

So, let us go on a culinary adventure and go ‘gaga’ over the few of dishes from the Assamese cuisine, which might leave you craving for more!

  • ‘Maasor Tenga’

This, tangy fish curry, is a bit sour in taste but is extraordinarily delicious. Mostly cooked with tomatoes, lemon, outenga (elephant apple), etc., ‘Maasor Tenga’ is a simple recipe yet very rich in taste!

  • Duck Meat

Duck meat cooked with white gourd tastes heavenly. When the pieces of the white gourd melt and mixes with the meat, it gives a whole new flavour to the dish! However, it can also be cooked with sesame, pumpkin, and a lot more.

  • ‘Aloo Pitika’

The English name to this dish is mashed potatoes, is the comfort food of Assam. Mostly made with boiled potatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves and onion; ‘aloo pitika’ is the simplest dish that almost everyone from Assam can prepare.

  • Pork Barbeque

The Assamese version of pork barbeque, ‘Khorikat Diya Gahori’ not only tastes scrumptious but also the smell is heavenly. Everyone ends up licking the ‘khorika’ (stick) too!

  • ‘Khaar’

No Assamese meal is ever complete without ‘khaar.’ This is a mix of a variety of ingredients and is unique only to the state of Assam. As the saying goes – “Khar Khuwa Axomiya,” almost the entire race of Assamese prepare this dish.

  • Pigeon meat with black pepper

‘Paro Mangsho’ has always been a part of our ethnic cuisine. This dish, which may be cooked with other ingredients too, is exquisite and everyone’s favourite.

Well, tell anyone from Assam about the above-mentioned dishes and enjoy watching them crave for it!