Move to set up Board of Probations Along Assam-Nagaland Border Opposed at Amguri, Assam

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JOYSAGAR, July 24: Tension prevailed on Monday when a team of Assam Government officials along with a contractor’s firm went to the Assam-Nagaland border and tried to set up an Assam Police border outpost near Amguri Tea Estate in the ‘F’ sector of the border area. Sources said that some Nagaland government officials and a police team of Mon district, Nagaland, arrived and opposed the move to set up the Assam Police BOP there. Some people of Nagaland also gathered there and they made a barricade to prevent setting up the BOP.

Amguri SDO, Assam Police officials, PWD (Building) officers and representatives of the firm which got the contract to build the BOP in the F-sector of the Assam-Nagaland border under Halwating PS of Amguri, faced a lot of problems due to the resistance by the Nagaland officers and citizens. Finally, the Assam government team returned from the border to avoid any violent incident. People of Amguri have reacted sharply to the incident and have criticized the role of the Nagaland government in interrupting Assam government’s activities on Assam territory.