MRI machine, incinerator of AMCH yet to be repaired

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, April 18: Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) finds itself in the eye of the storm as it fails to put two of its most essential machines back in order. As per sources, the machines – MRI and incinerator – of AMCH that went kaput around two months back, are still awaiting repair. The absence of an MRI machine, or to be precise, a working MRI machine, in one of the most sought after health centres of the region has become a cause of grave concern for the low-income groups of people.
While a section of such patients have been compelled to turn to other private hospitals for the MRI report, albeit at a higher cost, many others had to head back home with a heavy heart as the low-cost MRI report of AMCH was their only ray of hope. Despite the authorities concerned being informed of the irregularities, no action has yet been taken to restore normalcy.
A similar kind of a situation has arisen with respect to the incinerator. As the machine which treats the waste through the process of incineration or burning was not functioning, other crude waste management techniques were adopted at the cost of the environment. The fact that the incinerator was not just used for treating the waste generated by AMCH, but also for that of the other private nursing homes in its vicinity, only exacerbates the issue at hand. Such brazen display of unprofessionalism and deliberate neglect in a premier State-run health institution, especially when health as a subject has gained utmost prominence in this year’s Union Budget, only show a clear lack of political will.