MUDA rectifies clauses of agreement



SHILLONG, Feb 22: The Meghalaya Urban Development Authority (MUDA) has rectified the clauses of agreement entered with the private operators to run the buses allotted to the State under Jawaharlal Nehru tiol Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme, now known as Atal Mission for Rejuvetion and Urban Transformation Scheme.

While the 38 of the 120 buses were declared ‘not fit’ to ply on city roads in a span of four years, another worrying factor is that only 25 numbers of those buses are running in the road. All attributes goes to the old agreement where the operators are not responsible for maintence of the government procured buses.

With the damage already been done and lakhs of rupees received under the 13th fince commission already wasted, a review was conducted to reframe the agreement to be entered with the new operators. There were 138 buses at the disposal of the government. These buses were rolled out in the streets last month with fresh conditions given to the private operators.

According to sources in MUDA, “There will be a pelty of Rs 500 if they fail to display the ID, to issue tickets, or to redress any complaint lodged by the passenger.”

The JNNURM buses, small taxis also known as the ‘Red Buses and Taxis’ in the State are the worst and ill maintained vehicles. Commuters who interacted with The Sentinel said it is visible from one of every three buses bore scratches, cavities in their iron /metallic or fibre bodies.