Multi-faceted Rupam Sarmah receives Cross-Cultural Ambassador award

From a Correspondent

JORHAT, July 23: Rupam Sarmah has received the prestigious Intertiol Award from the president of UNESCO USA, Guy Djoken, in Washington DC recently during the Nelson Mandela Day event in front of Washington Monument. Rupam was awarded the ‘Builder of the Universe Award’ with a title ‘Cross-Cultural Ambassador’ from UNESCO USA and UNESCO Centre for Peace.

Action Moves People United, a World Peace Project with UNESCO USA is currently being produced by an award winning team — Rupam Sarmah, Kevin Mackie, Krista Wallhagen, in collaboration with artists, authors, and organizations from all around the world. The goal of Action Moves People United, a World Peace movement, is to take ‘media initiatives’ and tell inspiring stories and messages, by creating poetic and musical albums, films, educatiol programmes, and a world-wide community focused on bringing about world peace through individual responsibility.

One of the many ideas is to pair up artists who live in opposing countries for collaborations that go beyond politics, religion, and borders. The project was announced almost a year ago by UNESCO USA on July 17 and 18, 2015 in Frederick, Maryland during the Historic Intertiol Nelson Mandela Day for Peace, Justice and Democracy. This year on July 17, a mega event was organized by UNESCO Centre for Peace in Washington DC to release the Musical Spoken Word and Song Album produced by Action Moves People United team. Rupam Sarmah has been working in this project as director, singer-songwriter, and chief engineer. Rupam will be actively involved with UNESCO USA working with intertiol dignitaries. Rupam has been a speaker at various UNESCO events and United tions. There are many award-winning people joining hands with this project.

Some of them are famous authors, scientists, sportsperson, cosmouts, musicians, filmmakers, executives and many more. Some of the celebrities who are involved with this project are — Dan Aykroyd (Oscar nomited actor), Julian Lennon, John Wetton (Asia), Janis Ian (Grammy Winner), Lillias White (Tony/Emmy Winner), Kathy Sledge (Sister Sledge), Patrick Moraz (The Moody Blues/YES), Timothy Graphenreed (Score Writer of The Wiz), Geoff Downs(Asia/Yes), D.J. Mbenga (NBA Championship Player), Dorin Pruriv (Astrout), Colin Andrews (Paranormal Researcher/N.Y. Times Best Selling Author), Sharon Katz and The Peace Train, and many other award-winning artists from all walks of life.

Rupam said, “It has been an incredible musical journey to bring artists together from over 30 countries — India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, and many organizations around the world related to environment, culture, peace, disability and humanity. One of our many ideas is to pair up artists who live in opposing countries for collaborations that go beyond politics, religion, and borders. Our individual actions can make a big difference, but our collective actions can move the world, inspire change.”

For the upcoming mega release, Rupam said, “We have included many styles of musical compositions including Borgeet, Rabindra Sangeet, Gandhian music, Opera, Broadway, Classical, Healing Music, and many other genres.” As always, Rupam has given opportunities to local artists, including people with disabilities, to perform in some of the tracks and recorded in his Studio maZumba Media and Entertainment in Jorhat and Kolkata.

Rupam Sarmah is a multiple-award winning director, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and a computer engineer. Rupam is a Guinness World Record holder for his project ‘A Musical Journey for World Peace.’ Rupam’s goal is to uplift consciousness in the world with creative work that delivers the message of humanity, peace and love. His latest work includes a research based project and a Film One Little Finger about ability in disability and music therapy. The film is expected to be released next year.

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