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Mumbai-Pune route train accident gets averted with timely warning from CCTV monitoring staff

Train accident
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Mumbai: Nation spared from witnessing an incident of a massive train accident due to the presence of mind and timeliness of a CCTV monitoring team. This is an incident of Mumbai-Pune route when the ‘Ghat’ section of the CCTV cameras showed something abnormal happening on the railway track. Thankfully, the CCTV monitoring team could perceive the incident right away for which the train scheduled to pass through the route got delayed and a probable accident was averted.

As per the CCTV camera footage, the “ghat” (hilly) section of Mumbai-Pune track could be seen hit by a fallen boulder. The footage showed a huge boulder falling on the track at around 8.15 pm on Thursday. Incidentally, this route was to be passed through the Mumbai-Kolhapur Sahyadri Express. The train was later delayed by over two hours and was permitted to run only after the fallen boulder was removed from the track.

A railway official states that the sensible monitoring of the staff could result in averting a probable train accident.

The Chief Spokesperson of Central Railway Sunil Udasi stated, “The monitoring staff not only alerted higher authorities but also ensured that power supply to the overhead equipment was switched off and oncoming trains were stopped well in time.”

The spokesperson further added that on coming to know about the track condition, the Sahyadri Express was reversed to Thakurwadi station. Its journey was resumed towards Kolhapur at around 10.30 pm.

Meanwhile, the passengers of the train were informed about the probable accident and the reason for delaying the train. They were also provided with drinking water and snacks at Thakurwadi and Lonavala respectively. The train reached Lonavala at around 11 pm.

Such active CCTV monitoring staffs with their timely actions and quick actions are much needed for the rest of the country as well. This will not only avert a major rail accident but will also save the lives of hundreds of naive passengers.


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