Muslim Baba reaches Kamakhya to get the essence of Shakti


GUWAHATI, June 23: Every day is becoming a day of curiosity and fresh intuition at Kamakhya, as with the beginning of the Ambubachi numbers of Sadhus, Sanyashis and Jogis from different religious sects have thronged the temple premise. The arrival of a Muslim Naga Sadhu from Mumbai Feroze Shaikri and standing tall among hundreds of devotees at Ambubachi was obviously a much widening to our limit of understanding spirituality.

Talking to The Sentinel, Naga Sadhu Shaikri said, “Ambubachi Mela has helped me to understand that faith makes things possible not easy.” Muslim Baba Shaikri is visitng Ambubachi this year to experience the true essence of ‘Sadhana, Meditation,and Shakti.’

A Fashion Designer by profession, Baba Shaikri said, “I maintain Hinduism alive in its core; not in politics Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.”