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My resolve to weed out graft unshakeable: Modi

Meerut, Feb 4: Expressing his resolve to weed out corruption, Prime Minister rendra Modi on Saturday again attacked the Opposition and urged Uttar Pradesh voters to boot out parties involved in graft and leaders who promoted caste and vote bank politics.

Addressing a huge gathering at the ‘Vijay Shankhad Rally’ here, the Prime Minister made a strong pitch for demonetisation and urged people to bring a BJP government to power in Uttar Pradesh so that “corruption and black money can be weeded out”.

“When I took the decision to demonetise high-value currency notes, I knew that people who have stashed black money will gang up and bay for my blood. But I knew the people of this country are behind me,” he said as the audience cheered.  He asked the people to seek answers from the Congress on how come Rs 140 crore was found stashed at the residence of a Kartaka minister.

“I am not going to stop; neither will I bow to such forces. I am Modi… I will not rest until each and every penny looted from the people of this country is accounted for,” he said.

Modi also took potshots at the Bahujan Samaj Party, saying that people who had sold tickets and stashed money in rooms had lost it all (due to demonetisation).

“I assure you that no matter who gangs up against me — whatever alliances are formed — no one can shake me from my resolve to make this country corruption-free” the Prime Minister said amid shouts of ‘Modi Modi’. (IANS)