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NABARD Survey Reveals Farmers’ Income Woes In Assam



GUWAHATI: The latest survey conducted by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has revealed that the monthly income of agricultural families in Assam and Tripura is the lowest among the North Eastern States.

The All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey conducted by NABARD says that while monthly income of a rural agricultural family in Assam is Rs 8,880, it is Rs 9,877 in Arunachal Pradesh, Rs 9,679 in Manipur, Rs 10,061 in Meghalaya, Rs 9,491 in Mizoram and Rs 10,002 in Nagaland and Rs 8,612 in Tripura.

Even though the officials of the Agriculture department attribute such low income to farmers’ reluctance, especially those from Upper Assam, to do cultivation throughout the years despite various incentives and schemes taken up by the government, sources said not getting the deserving prices of agriculture produces is the prime reason for low income of farmers in the State.

Sources said the survey must be an important indicator for Assam at a time when it is going to double their farmers’ income.
The survey, which was conducted to assess the impact of various financial inclusion interventions of the government among the rural populace across the country, has found that the average monthly income of a rural family is the highest in Punjab (Rs 16,020) and the lowest in Andhra Pradesh (Rs 5,842).

According to the NABARD survey, the surplus amount of money of a family in Assam after expenditure is Rs 2,066. The surplus is Rs 2,155 for Arunachal Pradesh, Rs 1,062 in Manipur, Rs 1,819 in Meghalaya, Rs 930 in Mizoram, Rs 1,026 in Nagaland and Rs 632 in Tripura.

An official at Agriculture department said the department will encourage subsidiary incomes of farmers by encouraging them for milch cattle rearing and honeybee cultivation.

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