National Selfie Day! ‘But first, let me click a selfie’


In a world full of DSLRs, mobile phones with a good front snapper are like our best friend. We love to click a selfie. It has become an indispensable part of our lives; to be specific, our social media life. Sharing selfies on social media has become a popular online activity.
Well, a selfie is a photograph that one takes oneself. The selfie trend is growing day-by-day and it seems there is no end to it. Selfies are a way of defining the self. We try to show who we are and how we perceive ourselves through a selfie. But everyone has a different approach towards selfie. For some, it is not so important to look good in selfies whereas for others it is very important to show their best through a selfie.
The Oxford Dictionary added the word ‘selfie’ to their dictionary in the year 2013. They called it the word of the year. Since then, the word ‘selfie’ has been ruling our lives. The generation we live in is the tech-savvy generation which is currently following the visual genre of life. The age of selfie began with Facebook’s overtaking of MySpace in the year 2009. Facebook’s design encouraged higher quality profile pictures. In the year 2010, Apple released iPhone 4 with a front-facing camera. It was only then that the user had complete control over framing his or her selfie.
The growing demand for good selfie cameras in the market and people’s urge to click at least one selfie a day has led to various social media sites which are completely dedicated to sharing pictures. For example Snapchat — this smartphone application is solely made for people sharing their pictures and selfies.
So, let us all fill each other’s social media feed with our selfies today. Let’s capture memories digitally!