Nature lover Buddhadeb Saha battles for life

Our Correspondent

Bongaigaon: Buddhadeb Saha, a resident of Bongaigaon and a Multi-Purpose Health Worker of the Government of Assam by profession and an active member of Nature’s Foster, an NGO for environment and wildlife, is struggling for life. Buddhadeb, who turned 40 this year, did not know that the death was waiting for him in the form of liver cirrhosis. His father Kashinath Saha has been bed-ridden since several months due to ill-health. Heavy alcohol consumption usually leads to liver cirrhosis but Buddhadeb has always kept away from alcohol. Dr Samik Dev, a renowned doctor of Bongaigaon, said that it could be caused due to drinking impure water also.

His son Dritiman is just 4 years old. The child is confused and sad to see both his father and grandfather bed-ridden. Buddhadeb’s wife Mou said that they were struggling to collect money for his treatment. Buddhadeb’s close friend said that his liver had been damaged by 80 per cent and he needed a liver transplant. “He was admitted in the Asian Institute of Gastrology, Hyderabad, where liver cirrhosis was diagnosed and liver transplant was advised but due to lack of money he had to return to Bongaigaon. He has now been admitted at the Apollo Hospital Guwahati so that he can be stable enough to move to Chennai or Gurugram for the liver transplant,” said Joy Chakraborty, his friend.

The total cost for the transplant and subsequent medication has been estimated to be more than Rs 35 lakh. Buddhadeb will be selling his property and his wife’s jewellery to gather some money and his friends have started an online help appeal through social media. They have appealed to people to donate money so that this nature lover’s life can be saved.