‘Need to raise educational standards for the majority of students’

New Delhi, June 21: The minimum standards of education need to be raised for the majority of students, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, said on Thursday, adding there is a growing confidence that government schools are the solution to the country’s educational levels. “There are standards for only for five per cent of the students. For the rest 95 percent, there’s no minimum standard of education,” Sisodia said at the launch of a children’s magazine, “Nanhe Sapne”. Claiming that government schools have a major role to play for the remaining 95 per cent, he highlighted the need to work for them as well. He also equated the minimum standards of schools to the standards of public discourse. The magazine is for children aged 4-6, and is conceptualised and designed by Graso Global, an organisation geared at bringing innovation in education. (IANS)