Neglected by son, elderly couple commits suicide

Rajani Khargharia with Bhupen Hazarika
file photo


SIVASAGAR, July 2: Sensation prevailed in Sivasagar district after an elderly couple in Sivasagar town chose the path of suicide on Sunday. According to sources, the couple decided to commit suicide after they were subjected to extreme neglect by their only son and daughter-in-law. The deceased couple, identified as Rajani Khargharia (62) and Ruby Khargharia (58), was recovered dead by the neighbours in their rented house in AT Road on Sunday. It has come to light that the couple had left behind as many as five suicide notes addressed to various people. The suicide notes that have been seized by the police for investigation, have been addressed separately to the younger daughter, landlord and neighbours, the Officer-in-charge of Sivasagar Police Station, to a regional satellite TV news channel and an Assamese daily newspaper. The couple, stated the letters, had been going through mental trauma as their son, who is an ONGC employee, was neglecting his parents, especially his ailing mother, when they were having problems financially.
Rajani Khargharia was the owner of the once famous Kalanchupar Hotel located at Central Market in Sivasagar town. He himself was closely connected with the cultural scene of Assam and in addition to being the owner of a mobile theater company, had also produced various serials and mega serials. Rajani Khargharia had allegedly applied for the Assam Government Artist Pension but was declined.

Finding no other way, the couple decided to end their life on Sunday. The wife was found lying dead on her bed while the husband was found hanging. It is still not clear whether Rubi Khargharia passed away owing to her illness for lack of medicines following which her husband decided to end his life or whether Rubi Khargharia was poisoned by his husband, following which her husband hanged himself to death. Police are carrying out investigation.