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New notification leaves Superintendent Engineer (SE) offices with no work!

A Correspondent

NAGAON, July 11: From now on all offices of Superintendent Engineer (SE) in Assam under the State Public Works Department will have nothing to do as the department issued a new notification recently in which it was stated that for smooth and swift payment of bills to contractors, the contractors need not go to the office of the Superintendent Engineer for approval, rather the executive engineer will do everything for the contractors.

According to sources of the department, this new departmental notification has shocked many Superintendent Engineers (SEs) as well as the employees of the offices concerned. The sources said that all SEs of the department had been working as government supervisors of all projects of the department and if the notification was implemented, controlling the executive engineers and keeping a tab on the quality of any government project would become a tough job.

The sources further added that this new notification would help the contractors as well as the executive engineers to siphon off government fund and simultaneously would result in poor quality of work. The sources added that due to the new notification, the offices of the SEs of the PWD would have nothing to do.