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SHILLONG, April 6: A division has been cropped up in the woman  community of Tynring, a village located in the new satellite township.

It is evident from the allegiance shown by a section of the women folks  who owe their allegiance to the suspended Sordar (Chief) CA Lyngdoh. On  April 1, a section of women under the President of the Seng Kynthei  Tynring (Women federation) P Kharmuthi have endorsed the KHADC’s  decision to suspend the Sordar for alleged misuse of power.

Today,the women folks under  and the other against him Prissila Nongbet  stated that the Sengg Kynthei has been disbanded by the Village Council  on April 18, 2011.

She further stated that the woman community of  the village is shocked  to hear of P Kharmuti claiming herself to be the president of the woman  organization which has already been dissolved by the council.

The woman community of Tynring village condemns this act and show of  strength by P Kharmuti and by going against the village, it became  clear that she is siding with the person who wants to sell the plot of  land. The blame that was made against the Sordar of trying to illegally  selling the 1000 acres of land is untrue because the decision was taken  by the council on May 30, 2011. It did not work out because MUDA  decided to take another land near the village of Tynring for the new  township project.

On the alleged corruption on the Sordar for misusing the TSC scheme  (Total Sanitation Program), Nongphet, in her defense said, “The  implementation of the scheme was taking too long due to official  procedures and  the village council held a meeting on 12/9/2011 decided  to inform everyone who had given the Rs. 300 share to recollect the  money from the Sordar or from the village treasurer”.

The suspended Sordar said that the money was given back to the people  in his and the treasurer’s presence with only a few people who did not  come and collect the money are the ones who wants to go against the  decision of the council. He said that the people of the village are  saddened by the action of local MDC Pyniaid Syiem who wants to  interfere with the livelihood of the people. Negating the allegations that the funds under MGNREGS has been  misappropriate, CA Lyngdoh emphatically said, “The money is still lying  at the Block development office and the refusal of the women  representative to put down her sigture is the prime cause for the  withdrawal”. He said that the women representative is a dissident who  is part of the mission to demean his position as the Sordar.

Meanwhile, The Sordar, who claimed to have the backing of the Village  council, also launched a frontal attack against the local elected MDC  Pyniad Singh Syiem.

“What Pyniaid Syiem is doing is something the people should be careful  and aware because these kinds of people will create differences amongst  the villagers,” stated Lyngdoh.

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